Elizabeth Bailey

Four PregnanciesPregnancy

I have gone to Birthwell for four pregnancies now, and have always been pleased with the effective and knowledgeable care I've received before and after having my little one! Driving an hour is totally worth it for the quality care. I highly recommend Birthwell!

Bethany Glosser

Bedside MannerPregnancy

Dr. Tammy and Dr. Nicole are brilliant chiropractors that have been adjusting me and my wild & crazy crew of kids for about 6 years now. They have excellent "bedside manner," and they care genuinely for me and my family. They have helped us through minor bumps & bruises-type falls and injuries all the way to more serious injuries, but overall they have played an integral role in our general health and wellness. Also, I have been seen regularly through three of my six pregnancies and am convinced of the benefits!

Kelli Brus

Kind WordsPregnancy

I love Birthwell ❤️ Nicole and Tammy are so knowledgeable, professional, and kind. They truly take their time to get to know you and really listen. Their space is so beautiful and inviting! I can't recommend them enough!

Molly OHare

Before and AfterPregnancy

I saw Dr. Nicole Shabino when I was pregnant, and then brought myself and my baby to her after he was born. I couldn’t be happier. She was able to make me so much more comfortable as my pregnancy progressed, and definitely helped me postpartum. I’d been having a significant amount of residual numbness in my extremities after my son arrived—it was really difficult. Without Dr. Nicole, I think I’d still be in pain and not able to get around well. She has also been so helpful with my baby. By two months he has developed a tendency to turn his head in only one direction and she was able to quickly fix that before it became a long term issue.

Dr. Nicole is super knowledgeable, has a gentle heart, and the absolute perfect disposition for someone you’d want working with your baby. Or touching your baby. Or being anywhere near your baby.

Rachel B.

Nursing ProblemsPregnancy

When my daughter was 2 weeks old, we discovered that she wasn’t transferring milk enough to gain weight as she should. She slept almost constantly because she wasn’t getting all the nutrients she needed. Besides nursing her, I was also having to finger feed her, trying to get more nutrients in her. Her bowel movements were few and far between. My lactation consultant then referred me to Dr. Tammy Watkins. Dr. Tammy gave my daughter a CranioSacral adjustment and did some stretching work in my daughter’s mouth. The results have been amazing.

After 1 or 2 appointments, I was able to stop finger feeding altogether. My daughter is now nursing regularly, her latch is so much better, and she is getting all the milk she needs. She is gaining weight consistently, her bowel movements are very regular, and she sleeps 6-8 hours a night. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Tammy. My daughter is 12 weeks old now, and I have taken my daughter to see Dr. Tammy 8 times. The support I am receiving from Dr. Tammy through this time period has been so helpful. Her work is awesome. I refer her to other moms that are going through similar situations.

Alison P.

Nursing ProblemsPregnancy

At my daughter’s 2-month appointment, it was confirmed that our daughter had not gained even 1/2 a pound over her birth weight. We then met with a lactation consultant who verified that our baby needed a tongue tie revision. After the revision was done, the lactation consultant suggested that we meet with Dr. Tammy Watkins.

Dr. Tammy gently adjusted our daughter, and released restrictions in her CranioSacral region. Dr. Tammy also gave us neck and head exercises for us to do at home, to help encourage a proper latch during nursing. After our very first visit with Dr. Tammy, our daughter transferred the most milk to date that she had since birth. She then began gaining weight, and has been steadily increasing in weight since then. The adjustments and exercises from Dr. Tammy have helped so much to improve my daughter’s latch. It has been wonderful to see my baby girl gaining weight and growing consistently. She is so much happier and content now. I am very thankful for all the help that Dr. Tammy has been for our family.

Kate S.


I was referred to Dr. Tammy Watkins by a friend. I began getting chiropractic care from Dr. Tammy before I conceived my second child. I got adjusted from Dr. Tammy regularly throughout my entire pregnancy. My first labor was over 24 hours and I experienced tons of back pain.With my second child's birth, I only had 6 hours of labor and experienced no back pain. I know that regular chiropractic care made this birth so much faster and with much less discomfort. Getting adjusted regularly helped my bones stay where they needed to be during pregnancy and labor, as well as helped my baby stay in the position that my baby needed to be in. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tammy's care to ladies that are expecting.

Emily H.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I went past my due date. I was then induced, and ended up having a c-section. When I got pregnant with my second child, I had heard that chiropractic care can be helpful during pregnancy. I thought I would give it a try.I began getting chiropractic care from Dr. Tammy Watkins when I was 10 weeks along in my pregnancy. Dr. Tammy really cared about me and truly wanted to help me succeed in having a healthy pregnancy and a natural birth. I felt that Dr. Tammy more emotionally invested in me and my pregnancy than any of my other health care providers. I loved coming in for my appointments, as Dr. Tammy would tell me what position my baby was in, which then helped me feel more connected to my baby.

In June of 2012, I gave birth to a healthy baby birth, having a vaginal birth after having a c-section (VBAC). I am convinced that receiving chiropractic care through out my pregnancy helped in the success of my VBAC.

There are many other chiropractors in town that give pre-natal care, but I believe Dr. Tammy stands out because of her background in dula work, natural parenting techniques, and for her wonderful emotional support that she provides. She was a great shoulder to lean on through out my pregnancy and offered great advice. I am very grateful to continue to see her for my post partum care, my baby's post-birth care, as well as my 4-year-old's care. Thank you, Dr. Tammy, for your great care for me and my family!

Jen H.


I started seeing Dr. Tammy during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Dr. Tammy is just amazing. There is no one else like Dr. Tammy. I really appreciated how she explained to me how my body works, how my Baby was growing, where my Baby was growing, and how the different manipulations she was doing would help me to have an easier labor and birth. She kept me feeling good and confident about what was going to happen.When I was in labor, Dr. Tammy was always available. She would text whatever hour of the day it was to see how I was doing. She even came to my house during her day off to help me during labor, which I thought was amazing. Dr. Tammy definitely cares about her patients, loves them, and wants to help. She has a gift that I don't think anyone else has!

Kim S.

PregnancyBaby Girl

When I was pregnant in 2011, I been researching and looking for a chiropractor that specialized in prenatal care. I found Dr. Tammy because she was covered by my insurance, and she had excellent reviews on Angie's List. I was halfway through my pregnancy at the time, and I struggled with hip problems during pregnancy.I began seeing Dr. Tammy in April of 2011, and her approach to care was all encompassing. By the end of June on a Friday, my doctor did an ultrasound and confirmed that my baby was breech. Since I was due in mid-June, I knew that my doctor would want to induce and I would probably end up having to have a c-section. It was very important to me to have a vaginal delivery, and I really did not want to have a c-section.

I went to Dr. Tammy the next Wednesday. She explained that there are ways to adjust that can help the baby to move in to the correct position. Dr. Tammy then adjusted me, and gave me exercises to do. I went home and did my exercises for 2 days. I went back to the doctor on Friday for an ultrasound, and my baby was no longer breech but was in the correct position. I was amazed!

I then continued to see Dr. Tammy for adjustments through the rest of my pregnancy, and the baby stayed in the correct position the entire time. I delivered a healthy baby girl in July 2011, with a wonderful natural vaginal delivery. I am very thankful for Dr. Tammy's care that enabled me to have a wonderful birth experience.

Megan P.

Pregnancy/Baby Throwing UpPregnancy

My first child was born in the posterior position, and I had a very bad labor, having to push for 5 hours. When I became pregnant with my second child, my midwife recommended that I begin seeing Dr. Tammy Watkins.I began care with Dr. Tammy when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I saw her throughout my entire pregnancy. My second pregnancy was so much better, not having the knee and back pain that I struggled with during my first pregnancy.Dr. Tammy also helped me with my posture, which enabled me to feel better and walk so much easier during my pregnancy. I received an adjustment from Dr. Tammy on the day before I gave birth which was a Monday. The next day, my midwife broke my water at 10 a.m. I started pushing at 1:05 p.m., and my daughter was born at 1:16 p.m. Only 11 minutes of pushing this time! My daughter was in the correct position throughout my entire pregnancy, which I attribute to the regular chiropractic care that I received from Dr. Tammy.

For the first 10 days or so after my daughter was born, she threw up almost constantly. I then took her in to see Dr. Tammy, and mentioned to her that my daughter was throwing up almost constantly it seemed. As Dr. Tammy adjusted my baby's back, she said, "Yes, here is the spot that can cause your baby to throw up." My daughter has not thrown up since she received that adjustment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tammy's care to others.

Molly R.


Hello, my name is Molly and I am from Cambridge, Iowa. I began seeing Dr. Tammy during my first trimester when I was pregnant with my fifth child.I really appreciated the information regarding diet and health that Dr. Tammy gave me.She is so motivational, inspiring me to do better for myself and baby. I have had a horrible back since I was a teenager and have been going to chiropractors since then. Dr. Tammy is the best chiropractor I have ever been to, and I have been to ten of them.I was very grateful to have chiropractic care my entire pregnancy, which I did not have when pregnant with my other four children. My labor with my fifth child was only two hours long, and all my other labors were around 11 to 12 hours.

I also continue to see Dr. Tammy post partum. I definitely recommend Dr. Tammy's care to other women during their pregnancies.

Selene P.

Pregnancy/Position of BabyPregnancy

I began seeing Dr. Tammy when I was seven months pregnant. I had been seeing another chiropractor for my back problems. At that time, my baby was not in the correct position, as it was lying sideways. My chiropractor recommended that I begin getting chiropractic care from Dr. Tammy to help with this. So I did. My baby then dropped into the correct position about two weeks before my due date.I feel that Dr. Tammy's care was very beneficial in helping my baby to move into the correct position for birth. I recommend that ladies see Dr. Tammy for care during their pregnancy.

Shelly P.


When I was pregnant and experiencing a lot of neck pain and back pain, two people I knew recommended that I go see Dr. Tammy Watkins. I had gone to other chiropractors in the past, and my experience was that they adjusted me very quickly to get me in and out of the office in a short period of time. When I went to the Livewell Clinic to see Dr. Tammy, my experience was totally different.Right from the beginning, Dr. Tammy took the time to listen what was going on with me physically as well as what was going on in my environment. She cared about how I was feeling emotionally throughout my pregnancy. She had a great way of making me feel relaxed. The atmosphere at the Livewell Clinic is very soothing and healing, making me feel great. I liked to call my weekly appointments my "weekly spa treatment".