Free Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Class May 4th, 2019!


8:00 am - Introduction to Prenatal Yoga
This beginners yoga workshop will introduce the simple yet powerful benefits of Prenatal Yoga. Physical asanas as well as breathing techniques (pranayama) will be taught in order to help you feel your best during pregnancy and prepare for labor and birth. Learn simple relaxation techniques and postures that can help with common pregnancy complaints, such as back pain and insomnia. We will also focus on movement that encourages optimal fetal positioning and pelvic floor health. Suitable from 14 weeks and beyond. No previous yoga experience necessary. Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one.

9:00 am - Postpartum Yoga
Having a new baby can be a challenging, exciting and overwhelming time. This Postpartum Yoga workshop will focus on how to rehabilitate and strengthen your body after pregnancy and birth in a safe and lasting way, as well as deal with the new emotions of parenthood. You will learn how to energize and how to relax when you need it the most, and how to take care of yourself even while taking care of your new little one. Suitable from 6 weeks postpartum and beyond. Non-mobile babies welcome. No previous yoga experience necessary. Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one.

A little about your instructor, Megan Wheeler

Megan Wheeler is a Prenatal, Mom and Baby and Kids Yoga teacher. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico she moved to the Des Moines area last summer with her husband, 5 year old and 2 year old. Though she discovered yoga when she was much younger, it was during the early days of motherhood and her second pregnancy that she fully realized how her love of yoga could support her body and mind, both before and after pregnancy. She received her prenatal and postpartum training in London with renowned yoga teacher Tara Lee. She now hopes to share all the ways yoga can help women feel their best during pregnancy, prepare for both the expected and unexpected during labor and birth, and cope with the challenges of the postpartum and newborn period.

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