Our passion is to make pregnancy and birth an incredible experience for both mother and newborn.


Dr. Tammy Watkins and Dr. Nicole Shabino specialize in prenatal and newborn chiropractic – a specialty dedicated to treating pregnant women and their children from birth and beyond. At Birthwell, pregnant women and babies are our only patients. Every detail of our practice was created with pregnant women and infants in mind. Our goal is to provide you and your children with a nurturing, safe, and caring environment.

Our doctors are well-known in the community for their commitment to and excellence in providing the most effective and gentle care needed. This unique care:

  • Helps keep women comfortable during their pregnancy
  • Encourages optimal pelvic positioning for their baby utilizing the Webster technique
  • Dispels some of the fear related to childbirth through support and education
  • Helps newborns develop optimal latch and milk transfer for feeding with cranial and palate work, and assists in lip and tongue restrictions


I saw Dr. Nicole Shabino when I was pregnant, and then brought myself and my baby to her after he was born. I couldn’t be happier. She was able to make me so much more comfortable as my pregnancy progressed, and More…

Molly OHare

I love Birthwell! Nicole and Tammy are so knowledgeable, professional, and kind. They truly take their time to get to know you and really listen. Their space is so beautiful and inviting! I can't recommend them enough! More…

Kelli Brus

Dr. Tammy and Dr. Nicole are brilliant chiropractors that have been adjusting me and my wild & crazy crew of kids for about 6 years now. They have excellent "bedside manner," and More…

Bethany Glosser

I have gone to Birthwell for four pregnancies now, and have always been pleased with the effective and knowledgeable care I've received before and More…

Elizabeth Bailey

I feel that Dr. Tammy’s care was very beneficial in helping my baby to move into the correct position for birth.More…

Selene Loya-Phelan

Baby Sleeping

Birthwell Prenatal Chiropractic & Latch Support

  • Hard pregnancies?
  • Want a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean)?
  • Afraid of a breech birth?
  • Want shorter labors (who doesn't)?
  • Want to do everything you can to ensure a healthy child?
  • Want prenatal nutrition guidance?

Whether you have already experienced the many benefits of chiropractic for pregnancy and labor or are considering chiropractic for the first time, we’re here for you. Welcome to Birthwell Prenatal Chiropractic!

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